Helps - How To's


References will be made to URL's - (Uniform Resource Locator) This is the exact place and file name in code and about 130 characters long and starts and ends in lots of letters and numbers.

Edit a page

The edit button is the pencil icon top right of the page, Use the tool bar that appears. 
If you don't see the edit button then you don't have permission to edit that page.

Saving your work

Simple click the save button Top right.
If you have edited a web page and then move to another you may loose the changes. So when you're done CLICK SAVE top right of screen


Get URL for file

  1. Once a file is uploaded to the web
  2. Click or double click the file to open it in your browser
  3. When open go to your address bar where you will find the URL. Select and copy this returning to where ever you need it.

Copy and Paste

  1. Select what you wish to copy
  2. Press and hold down  CTRL then press c
  3. Select where you wish to paste the item and Press and hold down Ctrl then press v.

Edit Whos Who page

  1. The image you see on screen is one image (.jpg file) containing several photos and text.
  2. The origin of this is held on Google My Drive - Chivets.  at "" 
  3. Go to the Slides section of Documents
  4. Open the Who's Who slide which can be edited.
  5. Edit the Text and or use the insert menu to upload a new photo
  6. The text is positioned independent of the images.
    So click on some text or next to an image and look for the cursor. Then use the arrow keys to move the cursor to where you want it. You may need to use the enter key to create line feeds. 
  7. When all is done go to File > Download > as Jpeg Image (jpeg current slide)
  8. This downloads it to your computer download folder
  9. Now Go to the Who's Who web page  and  click edit page. 
  10. Select the current image and a small menu will appear by the image. Select Delete or Remo.
  11. Go to Menu Insert > Image. Click on Upload Images.
  12. Navigate to your computer Download folder and select the new file and click Open.
  13. The image will be uploaded to the Web and appear in the  "Add an Image" dialog box.
  14. Select the new image and click OK.
  15. Click Save top right.
  16. Job Done  


Add a New Gallery

  1. Create a new folder and name it appropriately on your computer.
  2. Add your photos to your Folder ensuring they are of a very similar height and width
  3. Go to My Drive and upload photos by Right click on my Drive > Upload Folder or the drop down menu on My Drive at the top
  4. Go to My Docs
  5. Create a New Sheet.
  6. Click into the name "Untitled Spreadsheet" and rename to something appropriate ( top left of sheet) 
  7. Go to Menu Addons > Photo Gallery by awesome table > create / Edit Photo Gallery 
  8. A new menu will appear to the right of the sheet. Click on Use existing Album
  9. Navigate to the new folder in 'My Drive' and then click select
  10. This automatically adds data to the sheet which records details about each photo and its location - don't edit this at all. 
  11. Go to the new menu to the right clickon Slideshow
  12. A slide show with all he photo is now on view (similar to Powerpoint)
  13. Select an Image Menu Arrange > Centre of Page - Horizontal to make it look better onscreen
  14. Now Insert Text Box and add it under the photo - add some text
  15. Repeat on eachslide
  16. When done embed the slide show in a web page.
  17.  Above instructions may are also found at below link
or search for something like "google sites add a gallery" will give something


Embed a document

  1. Click Edit
  2. Select where you want to embed the document
  3. Go to menu Insert > and select the type of document
  4. Click Save
  5. Job Done

Add photo and text to a Picture Gallery

  1. Go to the galley page
  2. Click the link bottom left of the gallery eg"Open Gallery 2016"
  3. This takes you to a slide show - Powerpoint style program
  4. Select the last slide as the new slide will be added after the slide you have selected  
  5. To add a photo click the "+" sign top left to a a slide.
  6. Select the blank slide
  7. Go to Menu Insert > image
  8. In the middle of the slide click "Choose an image to upload 
  9. Navigate to the new image on your computer
  10. Click Open
  11. use the garb handles at the corners to resize the image and then position it in the middle
  12. Insert a text box under the image and add text.
  13. Check the text Font is Arial, size 14 and black to keep it all the same
  14. All work is saved as you work
  15. There is no Exit to the slide program just close the tab in the browser 
  16. This will automatically update the gallery in the web page in time
  17. I find just going in and out of Edit Mode speeds it up 

Edit a gallery image or text

  1. Follow steps 1 to 3
  2. Find and select the slide iist on the left
  3. Select and edit text
  4. Select and delete the image and follow instructions above.


Add a new Page to the web

  1. Next to the edit button is Create page button 
  2. Click this button
  3. Give the page an appropriate name not already used on the web site
  4. Leave the default settings at top level for now.
  5. At the bottom of the new page yu will see add files and add comments
  6. To remove these whilst not in edit mode
  7. Go to the Cog to the right of the edit button and find "Page Settings"
  8. Untick the following - Show links to sub pages, Allow attachments, Allow comments
  9. Add a description and leave all other settings as is. You can always return and change these settings.
  10. Create the wonder new page which no one can navigate to from the web site. see below "Add/Edit to Navigation" 

Add/Edit to Navigation 

  1. Go to the Cog button top right (Not in edit mode)
  2. Go to Edit Site Layout. A new menu to the left will appear. Please leave as is.
  3. Click on the Horizontal Navigation bar which has Home, About etc
  4. This dialog box controls all drop down menus seen by the end user
  5. In the Select Pages to Display section shows the current navigation - your page needs to be added to this.
  6. Click Add Page  
  7. In the Select Page to add, you will find your new page listed under the page you were using when you added the page.
  8. Select the new page which will turn red and then OK
  9. The new page now appears at the bottom of the list of web pages to display
  10. Select the page and use the buttons to the right to move it up/down/left /right till its in the right place.
  11. When done click OK
  12. Close the page 
  13. Job Done.   


Giving Permission to Users 

  1. Go to More Options menu cog top left  > Sharing and permissions
  2. To the left you will see a list of pages including the Whole Site
  3. To give permission to a particular web page simply click it.
  4. At the top area you will see the name of that page.
  5. If the settings section is greyed out it means only the Owners of the site can edit that page
  6. Click on Change button and add the new user then selected   

  1. To give permission to ALL of the site click Site Chichester Golf Club Veterans ( BE VERY CAREFUL DOING THIS).
  3. Enter the user account name will be using and click the button to the right to give view or edit permissions.
  4. Check if you are give page level access or site level access 

If your site is private and you invite people as viewers, then it is a requirement that those people must have a Google account to access the site. Further, the Google account they use to access the site must be associated with the email address which you have invited them with.

Example, you invite PersonA using email address which is not associated with a Google account. PersonA receives the email invitation but already has another email address which IS associated with a google account.

If they are not logged in to Google, then when they try to access the site they will see a "Sign in with your Google account" message.

If they sign in (or are already signed in to Google) using they will see the message: "You need permission to access this item. you don't have permission to access this item. You can request access from the owner or sign-in as a different user"

Either they have to create a Google account using or you will need to invite them
A Google account can be created using any email address:

If they create a new gmail account after you have added them to the site. You will need to remove them, save, then refresh the screen and re add them again and ask them to try again (Technical hitch that may be fixed by google some time). 


Weekly Updates

     To replace the weekly report
  1. Select the white space to the right of the report.
  2. with the left click pressed move the cursor over the report which will turn pale blue
  3. A menu bar will appear 
  4.  Click remove which will delete the image
  5. You will now be left the below text

  6. Click between the the two lines Menu > Insert > image
  7. Click Upload Images
  8. Navigate to the image(.jpg) of the report on your computer
  9. Once uploaded select the icon of your image and click OK
  10. The image will appear.
If the two lines of text are missing or are not same as the above
  1. To replace the text and links, copy all of the below text  starting at the "<a" then several lines and ending with the "</a>"
    (Ctrl+c will copy selected text Ctrl+v will paste the copied text)

    <a name="Top&quot;"></a>
    <div style="display:block;text-align:left"><font color="#000000" size="3">Please see <a href="">Results</a> Below</font></div>
    <div style="display:block;text-align:left"></div>
    <div style="display:block;text-align:left">
    <div style="display:block;text-align:left"><br>
    <div style="display:block;text-align:left"><a href="" style="font-size:10pt">Top</a></div>
    <a name="Files"></a>

  2. Select the menu > HTML at the far right end
  3. In the dialog box
  4. Remove all text so it is totally blank
  5. Now paste in the <a .....</a> text you copied
  6. Click Update
  7. The text will be as required.
  8. Now select a point between the two lines of text and Menu > Insert > image 
  9. Click Upload Images
  10. Select the image and click OK