Members Help

Access to the Members section cannot be granted until you have submitted the Data Consent form.
Link (found under >> Admin >> Joining tab)
Submit the form to the Vets Box in the Pro shop at Chichester Golf Club.
Once the form is processed you will be asked to gain access to the members section using your google account(as below).
This will initially be declined but permissions will be granted and you will be notified when completed.

To gain access to the members section

     I have a gmail or Google account   

1. Click on >> Members

2. The first time you access this you will need Permission to be granted. See item 6 below

   I do not have a gmail or Google account

3. To create a user account with a gmail account go to  signup

4. To create a user account without a gmail account go to signup

5. Click on Members and sign in.

6. The first time you try to access the members area you will see this response

7. Click on Request access. 

8. Once access has been granted by the webmaster you will be notified by the email address used to log on. (sorry but its not instant)

9. Once permission is granted just click the >>Members and sign in and go straight to it