New Rules 2019

As you all know the Rules of Golf will change on 1st January 2019.

Lots of info and videos available on R & A website

Various videos are available on Youtube 
A clear video with 20 of the important  changes can be found at Expert Golf 

Rules from the Rife News
1. You can now drop from Knee height
2. You can move loose impediments from the Bunker and you can ground your club 3. You now have 3 mins to look for your lost ball, not 5 mins
4. You can accidentally move your ball without penalty
5. Double hits no penalty
6. You can leave the flag stick "in" even when you are on the green
7. You can remove an embedded ball anywhere on the course (except a hazard)
8. OOB – in a friendly match you can choose to drop a ball with a 2 shot penalty if you go out of bounds
9.Adopt ready golf click for the video‐of‐Play‐Manual/Rules/2Management‐Practices/SubRules/5‐Ready‐Golf

Under the new rules of golf, you are no longer able to drop to the opposite of a red penalty area. We have investigated the 7th on the cathedral course and concluded with the agreement of the committees that we should adopt a new local rule to cover the hazard. The new rule will enable you to drop on the left-hand side of the fairway even if you entered the water from the right-hand side. This should speed up play. If you are unsure that the ball is in the hazard, then you would need to take a provisional ball and if you can't see the original ball assume it is lost. Red stakes with black tops will be used to mark the area covered by the local rule.

The new local rule will be posted on the Clubhouse noticeboard and will be incorporated into the score at the next reprint.    
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