Pat No 3

Weekly Winners Instructions   Updated 3/2/18
  1. It takes longer to read this than to actually do it.

  2. Complete the correct Excel template for results

  3. Go to the link  Spreadsheet - Weekly Winner

  4. A google Spreadsheet will open in a new tab. The sheet is called Weekly Winners

  5. When its finished loading to the right of Help in the menu Click on >> Clear Sheet >> Clear Sheet in the top menu

  6. Now you have a blank Sheet with instructions on it..

  7. Go to your prepared sheet and copy all the details. It must include all rows including the pace of place rows even if its blank. 

  8. Return to the web page and right click in the big cell (B2) and click paste from the popup menu.
    All your text will be there but all your lovely formatting will be gone. Which is expected. 
  9. Select >> Individual or >>Team.  from the top menu and then the appropriate sub menu which will reformat the report for you in a few seconds..

  10. Now look at the web >> Competitions >> Weekly Winners to see your handy work.

  11. You might still see the old version. Press F5 or the refresh button your browser.

  12. If it goes wrong simply >>'Clear Sheet' again and try again making sure you have selected all of the data from your prepared sheet

  13. If you need to change the formatting of the sheet, please do. What you see is what you get on the web page. simple as that.

  14. Check it out to see it all looks good as a normal User -You need to log out or open another browser session and not be logged on to google to see what everyone can see.

  15. To close the sheet simple use the x in the browser tab.